Friday, 30 June 2017

Teeth Whitening!

Pearly Whites?

Okay, so today I would like to talk about the craze that is teeth whitening! 
I see countless videos and advertisements all over social media for teeth whitening kits. Also I see plenty of videos and reviews for certain teeth whitening toothpastes and whitening strips etc. 
I personally would love whiter teeth, my love for caffeine... and also nicotine (yeah I am a smoker, i know bad habit and all that) has given them a horrible colour; also a couple of stains here and there.
Having said my sleep I also grind my teeth! This habit I have had for...all my life, has given me sensitive teeth. Due to how abrasive these whitening kits are, I have been reluctant to try them. But then I found this little gem in Superdrug for just £4.99!

This teeth whitening toothpaste by Beverly Hills is "activated charcoal sensitive whitening". It classes to be a high stain remover with added de-sensitising agent to safely whiten teeth without increasing sensitivity. Sounds good right?
Well I have started trying this product around 5 days ago? Brushing twice a day as normal and recommended by parents and dentists...aha. To be honest...I am actually noticing a difference! I know I haven't been using it for very long, but my teeth have surely gotten brighter! I think I may have a new found love!
Has anyone else tried this product? Let me know your thoughts and how you found this teeth whitening toothpaste? 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Social Media!

Add Me?

Hey guys and gals! This is just a brief post for you. If you are a fan of makeup and want to keep up to date daily, feel free to add me up on social media! I post quite frequently, and now I am doing this blog, I can truly say most of my posts are either selfies/beauty related. Come show some support?

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Thank you everyone!

Makeup Revolution New-Trals VS Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette Review

My First Review! 

Well hey there! And welcome back to my beauty blog. Today I would like to take a smash at my first product review. The amazing little purchase I am choosing to talk about is the beautiful New-Trals vs Neutrals eye shadow palette, by Makeup Revolution. 

This ladies and gents is one beautiful array of shades! I absolutely love this palette and do you know what's  best? Its affordable! You can pick this amazing beauty must have in Superdrug stores for around...£6.99 I believe! And it is a total steal if you ask me!
I must remind you all that this review is not sponsored, although my opinion would not change on products if they did sponsor me to review their merchandise. This is just a product I tend to use quite often as the warm tones and shades most definitely fit my makeup style. Also what is also good about the colour options is that you can vary it up and create different styles. One day I will chose a more natural neutral look, the next I will go bold and smokey...somewhat sultry kind of look! 
A subtle natural look
The colours are build-able and you get a decent amount of the product inside. I use this palette quite frequently as I have said, and I haven't yet ran out of any colours yet! 
The dark smokey, more sultry look
As far as packaging goes, its pretty simplistic, less is more! Black and gold throughout most of their product packaging, consistency I like that. The palette also comes with a large mirror inside and also a double ended brush. I have tried the brush and must say I am impressed. I love love love this eye shadow palette and will continue using it, I recommend it for anyone. 

Well anyways I am not the only person raving about this, YouTube is full of other reviews and tutorials focusing on the Makeup Revolution palette. Feel free to go and check out MissBeautyEmily on Youtube for her views on this.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Welcome to my Beauty Blog


Hello there and welcome to my new beauty blog! Lets start by introducing myself, my name is Nikkita...but some people call me Kitty or even Kit...and I am a beauty addict! 
I shall give you a short story of how this addiction of mine came about.
Once Upon A Time...I'm kidding 😋 Anyways, I work in Mental Health however I am also a Photographer and have a degree in Photography and Digital Imaging. A lot of my models and clients requested to have their makeup done by me for their shoots, to enable them to be more confident in front of the camera...fair enough I think. Well I started to teach myself about makeup and learn different techniques to please the people! As a result I started to gain love for the stuff as it made me feel confident also. From there I gained the love for skin care, as my makeup wasn't looking as flawless as I wanted it to. THEN I found my love of hair care as my hair was the bane of my life! I wanted much healthier and longer hair, so proceeded on a journey to try anything I could to make that happen, and succeeded!
So now you know my short story into my love for beauty I have now decided to share my thoughts with the world and other beauty fanatics like me. I plan on doing reviews and discussing some products and routines that have helped me and my problematic skin and hair. If all goes well and you all like it, I may even start doing confidence isn't high enough to start tutorial videos just yet or to create a Youtube channel...however I may consider the idea if this blog is enough of a hit and start requesting tutorials for routines and makeup looks. As frightening as it will be for me, I would like to put my fear aside if me producing videos will be favoured, liked and also help people. So why not! But lets see first how this little blog of mine comes a long first? 

So that's me, Nikkita the beauty addict. Feel free to join me on instagram: prettykittiekat 
And support me through my new love for reviewing and blogging.

Stay tuned, if your beauty crazy like me, us addicts need to stick together! 😉