Sunday, 25 June 2017

Makeup Revolution New-Trals VS Neutrals Eye Shadow Palette Review

My First Review! 

Well hey there! And welcome back to my beauty blog. Today I would like to take a smash at my first product review. The amazing little purchase I am choosing to talk about is the beautiful New-Trals vs Neutrals eye shadow palette, by Makeup Revolution. 

This ladies and gents is one beautiful array of shades! I absolutely love this palette and do you know what's  best? Its affordable! You can pick this amazing beauty must have in Superdrug stores for around...£6.99 I believe! And it is a total steal if you ask me!
I must remind you all that this review is not sponsored, although my opinion would not change on products if they did sponsor me to review their merchandise. This is just a product I tend to use quite often as the warm tones and shades most definitely fit my makeup style. Also what is also good about the colour options is that you can vary it up and create different styles. One day I will chose a more natural neutral look, the next I will go bold and smokey...somewhat sultry kind of look! 
A subtle natural look
The colours are build-able and you get a decent amount of the product inside. I use this palette quite frequently as I have said, and I haven't yet ran out of any colours yet! 
The dark smokey, more sultry look
As far as packaging goes, its pretty simplistic, less is more! Black and gold throughout most of their product packaging, consistency I like that. The palette also comes with a large mirror inside and also a double ended brush. I have tried the brush and must say I am impressed. I love love love this eye shadow palette and will continue using it, I recommend it for anyone. 

Well anyways I am not the only person raving about this, YouTube is full of other reviews and tutorials focusing on the Makeup Revolution palette. Feel free to go and check out MissBeautyEmily on Youtube for her views on this.