Saturday, 24 June 2017

Welcome to my Beauty Blog


Hello there and welcome to my new beauty blog! Lets start by introducing myself, my name is Nikkita...but some people call me Kitty or even Kit...and I am a beauty addict! 
I shall give you a short story of how this addiction of mine came about.
Once Upon A Time...I'm kidding 😋 Anyways, I work in Mental Health however I am also a Photographer and have a degree in Photography and Digital Imaging. A lot of my models and clients requested to have their makeup done by me for their shoots, to enable them to be more confident in front of the camera...fair enough I think. Well I started to teach myself about makeup and learn different techniques to please the people! As a result I started to gain love for the stuff as it made me feel confident also. From there I gained the love for skin care, as my makeup wasn't looking as flawless as I wanted it to. THEN I found my love of hair care as my hair was the bane of my life! I wanted much healthier and longer hair, so proceeded on a journey to try anything I could to make that happen, and succeeded!
So now you know my short story into my love for beauty I have now decided to share my thoughts with the world and other beauty fanatics like me. I plan on doing reviews and discussing some products and routines that have helped me and my problematic skin and hair. If all goes well and you all like it, I may even start doing confidence isn't high enough to start tutorial videos just yet or to create a Youtube channel...however I may consider the idea if this blog is enough of a hit and start requesting tutorials for routines and makeup looks. As frightening as it will be for me, I would like to put my fear aside if me producing videos will be favoured, liked and also help people. So why not! But lets see first how this little blog of mine comes a long first? 

So that's me, Nikkita the beauty addict. Feel free to join me on instagram: prettykittiekat 
And support me through my new love for reviewing and blogging.

Stay tuned, if your beauty crazy like me, us addicts need to stick together! 😉

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