Monday, 3 July 2017

It's That Good!

More About The Teeth!

Right so for anyone who had a read through my last post, will know I have found a love for a toothpaste that has so far...worked wonders for me teeth! So I also brought...wait for it...their black charcoal mouthwash as well! It tastes surprisingly good and makes my mouth and teeth feel wonderful. It also helps the toothpaste to whiten those teeth and remove stains. As you know (if you read my last post) I am a smoker and tea/coffee drinker...I know bad stuff. Well anyways I have cut down on the caffeine...will cut down the cigarettes one thing at a time right? Ha well my little addictions caused horrible brown coloured stains on my teeth, mainly up the top near the gums and down in between the sides of the teeth, not nice. I really feel these products are making a difference, and I only brought them from Superdrug for reasonable prices. So this post is in aid of further more praising the work of the Beverly Hills Formula for sensitive teeth!
Have these products been tried and tested by any of you? If so comment your own thoughts, I would love to hear them! 

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